About Us

About Us

LITMA is a modern footwear factory that produces essential shoes for everyday use.

The history of the factory goes back to September 2, 1998 when General Manager Vasyl Mykhalskiy founded a tiny workshop equipped with a few small out-dated machines, which allowed the company to produce a limited variety of home shoes. Despite the humble beginnings, Litma established a quality principle, which meant that the quality of products was a top priority for the company. Since it started operating in the Ukrainian market over 20 years ago, LITMA has been improving its technologies and expanding its manufacturing facility to become an expert in footwear production.

Today Litma footwear factory produces for men, women and kids:

-          rain boots made of PVC with a wide range of colors

-          home shoes with a natural textile material on the upper part with direct injection PVC sole

-          snow boots with water repellent, woollen fur lining upper part, and waterproof TR outsole (galoshe)

-          slide sandals with injected polyurethane sole

-          leisure shoes with injected TPU/PU sole under TM Litma URBAN

We focus on the range and quality of products, together with continuous research on consumers’ needs and requirements, the style, the materials to use and technology.

All manufacturing units of the company are organized in a single factory, it means that the whole production process is kept in-house. This integration contributes to an effective control on footwear production and ensures high quality standards of the final product. Litma has been constantly investing in new machineries and modern technologies, our team has a reach experience in injection PVC, TR, TPU/PU materials and qualitative handmade sewing of the upper parts.

 As we keep progressing both conceptually and technically, the company involves a wide range of collaborations with Italian companies, footwear designers, product developers, material and machinery producers, who are implementing modern ideas of the shoe design and production.


Litma shoes deliver a guarantee of quality and lifetime comfort.